fill in the blank: cooking


Erika said...

1. "Oh, no! Tea so strong our teeth have become glued together!"
2. "Why, yes! This apron was chosen to coordinate with pickled pigs' feet."
3. "Comming Soon: Annual White Linen Fold-off"
4. "Thanks for the cake, Mom. It was great! :)"
5. "My Cobblestone Biscuits are authentic, thanks to Martha White Baking Mix. Try some today!"

Anonymous said...

1. "Nothing tastes better after a long, hard day than the blood of our vanquished enemies."
2. "Well, I still say it's no more elaborate than your hat."
3. Still not enough people to manage a fitted sheet.
4. Mom - gone to Chuck's house. Made ourselves a snack. You didn't have plans for that pot roast, did you?
5. "Maybe next time you'll eat your vegetables!"